Ecological Homecoming – A free introductory webinar

March 23rd, 7-8:30 pm Irish/UK Time

Do you long for a deeper connection to nature? Would you like to awaken your ecological self?

In this free webinar we will be exploring the concept and experience of ‘ecological homecoming’.

The separation of humans from the rest of nature is foundational to our Western Society which relies on infinite growth and ‘resource extraction’. What would happen if we re-awakened our felt sense of connection with the rest of nature, creating a nourishing emotional bond ‘over and over announcing your place in the family of things’?*

We will be sharing stories of ecological homecoming, as moments in our lives and how these moments over time transition us from an ‘ego-centric’ to an ‘eco-centric’ worldview and identity.

We will also be introducing the core nature connection routine of ‘sitspot’, giving guidance for a practice that can build a strong experience of home in your local ecosystem and support you to create deep relationships to individual plants, trees, birds, insects and animals.

What you can expect:

– Storytelling
– Heart-felt sharings
– Nature connection practice teachings

At the end of the call we will also be giving a special discount code for our upcoming yearlong course ‘ Ecological Homecoming’ beginning March 30th!

Anyone who has signed up for a specific call but cannot attend live will receive the recording.

Children are welcome to attend with an adult.

We look forward to meeting you!
Sky & Peter

*from the Mary Oliver poem ‘Wild Geese’