Weekend details

All weekends will include times in a small peer group, suggested activities for time on the land in the spacious breaks, songs, poems and stories, ways to embody the direction of the weekend and its ‘Acorn’ role in your life, family and work, and guided movement pieces to keep us connected and sane whilst online together.

Weekend timings –
Friday: 19.00-21.00*
Saturday: 10.00-13.30 (with breaks) then 19.00-21.00
Sunday: 10.00-13.30
 (with breaks)
*On the first weekend in March (the East) we will also have an additional afternoon session to help us all land together 16.00-18.00

Here is what we intend to focus on for each weekend in experiential, theoretical, grounded and practical ways ~

East Weekend

March 19th-21st~ Spring Equinox

Starting in a conscious way, we awaken the connection attribute of Happiness with deep welcoming

Orientation to the course and each other
Creating safety and a full welcome to ourselves and others
Connecting to the sunrise in us, and with the land
Building an effective culture and container together
Peacebuilding: good communication

Guest Facilitator – Victoria Mew

South East Weekend

April 30th-May 2nd ~ Beltane

As the energy of Spring flows to its fullest, the connection attribute of Vitality comes forward, with the embodiment of an 8 year old child

Connection to our bodies and senses
Getting the energy moving and removing blocks
Awakening our passions and excitement
Peacebuilding: getting clean and clear with each other

Guest Facilitator – Chris Holland

South Weekend

June 11th-13th ~ Near the Summer Solstice

At midday, at midsummer, the South Shield is a place of healthy intensity, commitment and focus, the embodiment is the engaged activist

Tracking your inner fire and keeping it healthy
How to notice and avoid the unhealthy overfocussed South
Healthy feedback loops
A nourishing, effective flow for meetings
Peacebuilding: creating group agreements and holding accountability

Guest Facilitator – Amy Downing

South West Summer Landtime

A supported solo time in nature sometime during August, the relaxed siesta time of year. You can choose to do either a dawn to dusk wander, or a 24 hour overnight solo somewhere near your home.

We will help you prepare for your landtime, and support you to have your story caught afterwards.

What questions do you need to take out to the land?
How will the life there inspire you…

West Weekend

September 24th-26th ~ Autumn Equinox

At the start of the autumn harvest, the attribute is Helpfulness as we gather together at the end of the day and season to share stories and food.
The embodiment is a mature, sensitive facilitator, supporting the group into its fruiting.

Harvesting our ‘gold’ from the landtime
Seeing and bringing out the gifts in each other
Storytelling from our lives
Sharing music
Appreciating each other
Peacebuilding: overview and good message

Guest Facilitator – Root Cuthbertson

North West Weekend

November 5th-7th ~ near Samhain/Halloween

As the dark times of the year come on, the connection attribute of being Fully Alive is brought out by reflection on the past and future, with the archetype of healer, or counsellor.

Stories of healing
Shadow work introduction
Lineage stories
Grief awareness and tending
Becoming good ancestors
Peacebuilding: healing

Guest Facilitator – Rebecca Card

North Weekend

Winter Solstice ~ Either December 17th-19th or January 7th-9th (we will decide as a group what works best for us all!)

At the North of the year we drop into the stillness of a loving and compassionate elder, bringing leadership and support to our people.

Story of the Year
Elderhood and our inner elder
Regenerative leadership
Village building
Peacebuilding – creating and holding unity

Guest Facilitator – Rebecca Card

North East Weekend

February 4th-6th ~ Imbolc

As the land reawakens, and the course closes, we celebrate the mystery of endings and beginnings, bringing our presence to the moment.

Celebrations and plans for going forward
The power of gratitude
Designing the flow of events
Using ceremony

Guest Facilitator – Rebecca Card


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