Weekend details

Here is what we intend to explore during and in between each weekend in experiential, theoretical, grounded and practical ways……..

April 10-12th 2020 ~ East & South East Shields ~ Spring


Attributes: Happiness & Vitality
Peacebuilding focus: Good Message & Healing/Condolence
Creating an effective culture together
Removing blocks and getting ‘clean and clear’ with each other
Orientation to the whole year course
Acorn leadership during the course
Embodied Awareness
Core routines: sunrise sit spot, mid morning activation
Archetypes: The Innocent & The Child

June 26th-28th 2020 ~ South & South West Shields ~ Summer


Attributes: Focus/Commitment to Mentoring & Empathy
Peacebuilding focus: Unity & Peace
Peer to Peer mentoring
Bringing mentoring into your life and work
Unhealthy and healthy ‘South’ in our cultures
Core routines: Mapping the village in your life, Afternoon Solo wandering time
Archetypes: Warrior/Warrioress & the Nurturing Parent

September 4-6th 2020 ~ Solo vigil weekend 


Supported time to be in nature and with yourself
Journeying inwards to connect to your gifts and callings

Sharing and witnessing your stories to the ‘village’
Time to indulge in the South West more deeply

October 16-18th 2020 ~ West & North West Shields ~ Autumn

8 shields-17

Attributes: Truly helpful & Fully Alive
Peacebuilding Focus: Good Message & Healing/Condolence
Music, Song, Storytelling and the Storytellers mind
Appreciation & Honouring gifts
Inner Tracking & Reflection, Grief Tending
Connecting to Ancestors and Exploring Shadow
Core Routines: Evening Storytelling, Reflection time
Archetypes: The Storyteller & the Counsellor

January 15-17th 2021 ~ North & North East Shields ~ Winter


Attributes: Forgiveness & Compassion, Quiet Mind
Peacebuilding focus: Unity & Peace
Threshold Marking Ceremony
Village Building overview
Thanksgiving Address & Ceremony
Story of the Year
Celebration and plans for going forward
Archetypes: The Elder & The Ceremonialist/Sacred Fool


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