Ecological Homecoming

A new yearlong course to help you befriend your place and all of life around you.

Ecological Homecoming can be taken as a standalone course, and it is included as part of the Bringing It Home journey 2022-2023.

We are holding a free group evening call 7-8pm UK/Ireland timezone on the 11th February – please join us if you want to meet the team and learn more about the course.

Based on the 8 Shields model of nature connection and culture repair, this journey of sixteen evening calls supports you to use tried and tested deep nature connection practices where you live.

The 8 Shields maps out universal indigenous ways of being that emerged out of living in daily immersive relationship with nature over countless generations. It is a model of regenerative culture and as such is a living system with emergent properties. In order to embody this regenerative culture, and listen for what our bioregions are telling us, we must rekindle our living relationship with the natural world. Ecological Homecoming offers the 8 Shields path of doing this through exploring and embodying the core routines of deep nature connection.

Going beyond our human-built homes we find a greater home, that of all of nature and our ecological place within it.

Deep nature connection practices are different pathways within ourselves that when activated create experiences of not only physically connecting but also emotionally connecting to the world around us, simultaneously also creating a deeper connection to self.

Ultimately when we come home in this way we awaken the ‘ecological self’, becoming a person who lives their life from the deep knowing that they belong and are utterly dependent on  the Earth community, and from this awareness make the choice to be an Earth steward.

In Ecological Homecoming you will learn and grow your core routines of deep nature connection through teachings from experienced practitioners, home activities and collective discovery through the sharing of stories and experiences. Mentoring from the teachers and your peers will support you to deepen your experiences and learnings. Some guiding questions are:

– What are the different bird languages and how can we learn what they are saying?

– What can tracking teach us about our outer landscapes and what does this reveal about our inner landscape?

– How can we attune our bodies to reveal what the felt sense of the present moment might be telling us?

– How might ancestral skills hone our awareness of what is around us and how this changes through the cycle of the year?

– How can you create a level of intimacy with the world around you that supports you in a way you may never have known was possible?

Ecological Homecoming will give you the tools to create a deep,  living relationship with the natural world.

East – Befriending Place & Opening the Senses

March 31st…April 14th

We will begin by establishing a ‘sitspot’ practice and learning the routines of continually returning to your senses as the gateway into your body and to connecting to your environment.

This is the practice that underpins the whole journey around the wheel, helping the sun of your curiosity rise and begin to reach out over your landscape and the year ahead.

SouthEast – Awakening your Animal Body

May 5th…May 19th

How would it be to move through the landscape in the body of a different animal?

What would you learn about where they go, what they do and how they feel? What would this awaken in your human body as you integrate the experience?

South – Holistic Tracking

June 16th…June 30th

Tracking helps us to read the subtle signs in the landscape, becoming more aware of the species around us and what they’ve been up to. Delving into a tracking mystery can allow us to see the connections between ourselves, other mammals, birds, plants, weather and so much more. It also helps us develop a deeper sense of respect and kinship towards our wild neighbours.

SouthWest – Timeless Wandering

August 11th…August 25th

As the exponential growth of the Summer is waning, we will invite you on a ‘medicine walk’ exploring the practice of timeless wandering and listening for how nature all around you is speaking to you, waiting to be heard.

West – Ecological Storytelling

Sept 8th…Sept 22nd

Many of our wild encounters become even richer when shared with others. Those around us learn from our experiences in nature, while with good mentoring and questioning our own curiosity and awareness really come alive! Sharing our story can be a true celebration of this incredible community of life that we are a part of.

NorthWest – Our Body as Compass

Oct 27th…Nov 10th

As the energy of the life cycle returns to the Earth through decomposition, roots and burrows, we turn inwards. When given attention and listened for, what wisdom is there to be found in the felt sense of our inner worlds? How can attuning to this act as a guide to our movement through life? How can it strengthen our connection to other creatures? As we slow down what can we feel and tend to within ourselves?

North – Wild Hearth

Dec 8th…Dec 22nd

Our ancestors knew many nature-based skills essential to survival. When we lived closer to the Earth, knowledge of our bioregions, and the plants and animals therein, was an integral part of accomplishing these life-giving practical skills.

Support from nature in this way was, and still is, the foundation of human existence. As we find ourselves deep in the Winter we will be exploring how to create a hearth space with wild materials.

NorthEast – The Language of the Birds

Jan 26th…Feb 9th

Birds are incredibly aware of their surroundings. When we pay close attention to their calls and behaviour they have a huge amount to teach us about what’s going on in the wider ecosystem, such as where the tawny owl is roosting or when the sparrowhawk is about to arrive. Birds also give us direct feedback about our own presence in the landscape.

Each core routine immersion spans over a two week period, with an invitation to keep exploring the core routines between the 2 week immersions, collecting more as you go around the wheel. Each immersion is ‘mapped’ onto a direction which is associated with a corresponding time of year following the yearly sun cycle. For example, the sun rises directly to the East during the Spring Equinox therefore this is the time of year we explore the core routine associated with the East direction. Exploring the connection between the core routine and the direction it is found in is part of the curriculum.

Your Core Guides

Ecological Homecoming is available as a stand alone yearlong journey, or as the rich foundation to understanding the 8 Shields map you will experience and learn about during the Bringing it Home journey.

All calls take place 7pm – 8:30 pm UK time, with recordings being sent out shortly afterwards.

The cost for Ecological Homecoming as a stand alone course is £395 per person.

Tawny owl photo by Dan Puplett – Copyright