Other Events

As well as the annual Bringing it Home year long journey, Rebecca and Peter run other events on personal and cultural healing and deep nature connection:

Summer Vision Quest

2020Rebecca is running a Vision Quest on Dartmoor June 11th-20th.



Art of Mentoring camp

Peter is co-organising and lead presenting on this year’s Art of Mentoring in Scotland, where Rebecca is also co-leading a new ‘Ring 2’ programme called ‘Nature Culture‘. The camp runs 28th July – 3rd August



Permaculture Design Course in Greece

Peter is leading a full, certified PDC on the Cyclades island of Tinos this autumn


Nature Culture Regeneration Weekend

Do you long to deepen your connections to the world around you, exploring the precious mysteries and stories of life all around, awakening your curiosity and wonder…

Nature Culture Regeneration Oct banner.jpg

In Spring and Autumn we run a weekend introduction to 8 Shields for adults – ‘Nature Culture Regeneration‘, held in a wild woods on Dartmoor. The autumn weekend this year will run October 25th-27th, and we will launch our new children’s programme there alongside the 2 existing adult programmes.

Dates for NCR weekends in 2020: May 15th-17th and October 9th-11th