Introductory Event

Bringing It Home: How Can Nature Connection Change and Heal Culture?

To find out more about the content of the course and meet some of the facilitators, we are offering a donation-based 1.5 hr on-line event March 2nd 7-8:30 pm UK time.

In this evening event we will explore through group sharing, experiential practice and some informative conversation how the 8 shields map can support us towards embodying a nature based culture and seeding cultural healing in our communities.

We will take you on a journey through the nature’s cycles where you will:

– be introduced to the 8 Shields model of how we can embody the wisdom of nature to create personal and cultural healing, with specific examples of how this translates into cultural and community practices

– have an experiential journey of what it looks like to bring your gifts home to yourself and your communities (human and greater nature)

– meet others who are asking this question alongside you.

– meet the facilitators and guides of the existing Bringing It Home year long programme and their story.

Honouring the 8 Shields Lineage

The indigenous teachings that are fundamental to the 8 Shields map were gifted directly by a variety of wisdom keepers from those communities. All donations from this event will be given towards a crowdfunding campaign we are running to give an honorary gift of gratitude towards the Lakota culture, specifically for their safeguarding, through atrocious times, of the sacred connection attributes as named above.

We are also offering free 20 min ‘discovery calls.’ Contact us here to arrange.

You can also sign up for our free video series