The Course

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in this journey around the wheel to find or deepen into the gift you are here to bring.

‘You will really flourish, coming to your own by coming onto this course. You will find pots of gold everywhere, that you never knew existed’ – Beccie, Bringing it Home 2020-2021

Join us for a yearlong journey with the 8 Shields…
We will dive deeply into the art of cultural healing practices and nature connection through the wheel of the year, spaciously exploring one shield per weekend with personal and peer mentoring support between the weekends.
This will be an experiential and integrative journey into the 8 Shields model, empowering you to bring it more fully into your life.

Following the natural cycles of the year this program is offering:

  • Activities that bring out the archetypal energies of the seasons
  • Exploring the attributes that are activated by connection
  • Understanding and fostering healthy leadership
  • Nature Connection practices
  • Embodiment practices
  • Insights into the ‘backstage’ of event organising and facilitation
  • 7 personal mentoring calls with one of the course facilitators (one after each weekend)
  • Peer to peer mentoring and reflection processes
  • Authentic sharing and storytelling
  • Music and Song
  • Connection practices to support wholistic human being
  • Inner tracking as the foundation to intact leadership
  • A supported solo time in August to journey deeper into yourself and the wild around you
  • Grief tending practices
  • Access to videos from the 8 Shields 512 Project, with explorations to land this powerfully into your life
  • Using 8 Shields tools in groups and organisations
  • How to use the ‘flow-learning cycle’ and other facilitation and event design tools
  • Peacebuilding tools
  • Ceremony (including marking a personal leadership threshold)

This year-long program is for you if you are seeking to foster a more regenerative culture in your life and work – the nature-based, nature-connected culture that the world is longing for at this time.  It is for you if you wish to deepen into the natural cycles and grow more fully from that into healthy, empowered leadership, on a journey of self-awareness and deepening connections.

This course is a great next step for those who have participated in 8 Shields programs such as the Art of Mentoring and introduction weekends like ‘Nature Culture Regeneration’ and others, it is designed to help you bring the learnings and insights from those events more deeply home to yourself and your life. It is also designed to be accessible for newcomers to the 8 Shields map as well.

The course will be held online, as we journey through the seasons together. Each weekend will include spacious time off-screen, with suggested activities you can do on the land wherever you live to help you explore and embody each shield and its qualities.

Participating in this course will help you apply 8 Shields wisdom into your communities, family and work in grounded and empowering ways, bringing it home as a gift to yourself, your people and the community of all beings.

‘Why was I not thought this awareness, this way of looking at the world, as a child? Its so fundamental to who I am. What I feel I’m taking away is a real deepening of understanding that I’ve got something to give. Over the course of the last year, I’ve seen myself reflected back, I’ve seen myself grow…and I can see much more tangibly that I am stepping into an elder place ,which is a kind of surprising thing to say, but true’ – David bringing it Home 2019-2020

Course Timings:
Each weekend will follow this pattern of online zoom calls, with suggested land-based activities you can do in the long breaks on the weekend. It is designed using the 8 Shields flow through the day, and our experience running BIH online in 2020, so hopefully it will work for the flow of your body’s needs too!

Friday: 19.00-21.00* UK/Ireland
Saturday: 10.00-13.30 (with breaks) then 19.00-21.00 UK/Ireland
Sunday: 10.00-13.30
(with breaks) UK/Ireland

We will be offering adaptions for other timezones, as needed, please let us know if this is you.

*On the first weekend in March (the East) we will also have an additional afternoon session to help us all land together 16.00-18.00

Weekend Dates

‘We need each other, to take a song, a word, a story, a tool, a ceremony and put it in our bundles. Not for ourselves, but for the ones yet to be born, for all our relations. Collectively, we assemble from the wisdom of the past a vision for the future, a worldview shaped by mutual flourishing.’
~ from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Introductory calls

Free introductory calls for the 2022 journey will take place November onwards.
Find out more here

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