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Please note that the Bringing It Home journey 2022 has now started so we are no longer taking bookings for it, and this page is available for imformation only.

The course fee includes 7 weekends of facilitation, full access to ‘Ecological Homecoming (16 evening calls plus suggested outdoor activities), 8 personal mentoring sessions with course staff, access to some of the 8 Shields Institute’s 512 Project videos, ‘homeworks’ to carry out between weekends, and peer to peer mentoring calls. We will also support you to hold a 24 hour (or dawn til dusk) wild solo in August, at a place of your choosing.

Sliding Scale Prices for 2022-2023 (2023-2024 coming soon)

We offer sliding scale to make our immersion more inclusive of a spectrum of economic prosperity that we each find ourselves in. Sliding scale depends on community collaboration, those that can give more through the ‘supporting rate’ support those who need to avail of the ‘supported rate’. Ideally, it allows everyone to pay what is within their means, while honouring all the time and resources that have gone into creating and running our programs.

If the supported rate is still beyond your financial needs we offer a limited number of bursary and/or work exchange places each cycle of our program.

£1,475 – Supported Rate

£1,675 – Standard Rate

£1,875 – Supporting Rate

A £350 deposit is required on booking.

Payment Plans

9 month payment plan (5% extra) £1,549 total = £350 deposit then 9 x £133 – Supported Rate

9 month payment plan (5% extra) £1,759 total = £350 deposit then 9 x £157 – Standard Rate

9 month payment plan (5% extra) £1,969 total = £350 deposit then 9 x £180 – Supporting Rate

How do I know how much to pay?

We ask you to honestly and thoroughly reflect on what is within your means to pay. This self-assessment is an opportunity to take the time to look at the different areas of our lives our income goes towards supporting. While for all of us our incomes are used to meet our basic needs, many of us will also use some of it to pay for areas of our lives that are recreational and support our personal growth and wellbeing, which is the area within which we see our program fitting. As a guideline, our ‘supported rate’ is for those who it is a big stretch to put income aside for recreation and personal growth and wellbeing.

Our standard rate is our best representation of what is costs us to create and run our program and we hope that most people will choose this option. Those that can give more through the ‘supporting rate’ support those who need to avail of the ‘supported rate’.

Please consider our payment plans as a way to support you to pay a rate that feels a bit of a stretch but doable with this support.

A sliding-scale is one way of formalising the ‘gift economy’ in a context where those paying come from different geographical locations and most often have never met us. We will trust what you choose to pay and will not question you about it.

We recognize that sharing practices with friends and/or others in our community strengthens our practices and supports them to become embodied in our lives, therefore we are offering a special ‘bring a friend’ discount. Bringing it Home participants can bring a friend to Ecological Homecoming and their friend receives the reduced discount price of £350.

Cancellation policy – If you cancel your booking before 18th February – a month before the course starts – we will return your whole fee minus the deposit. If you cancel after that date we will retain half of your full fee and return the rest to you. Any refunds after the start of the course are at our discretion.

“… learn from what’s in the ground how to unconquer the earth, our bodies, souls and minds by keeping the seeds of culture alive”  Martin Prechtel

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