Why this matters, now.

I believe that Bringing It Home is one way we can meet the fast growing need for change that life as we know it is demanding of us. I believe it has the potential to become one of a collection of flagships for co-creating our new story, new culture together. A culture born of nature and Her cycles. A regenerative culture that supports regenerative leadership. Isn’t regeneration the essence of what nature’s cycles offer? After all, nature keeps moving, nature doesn’t get stuck.

What is meant by regenerative? What I mean by it is a situation where there is no one centralized leader, there is reciprocity – everyone involved – human and non-human – are supporting each other, just like nature where there is interconnection. There is empowerment, there is passing on the skills and knowledge so that the next generation can thrive – not just survive. It means not just thinking and doing for the here and now, it means thinking in terms of our possible future scenario. It’s the long-term vision. It’s about ‘we’, not ‘me’. It has, at it’s heart, an intention of doing it for the good of all species.

The inspiration came from my own despair and sadness when I allow myself to feel the damage that’s been and is being done on this planet and the way I experience world leaders. I do not see mature, inspirational leadership. I do not see enough or any respect for our natural world. I do not see authenticity or connection at the scale needed to bring about a world-wide shift.

It is for these reasons this year long program was birthed. That and, quite frankly, because I love being part of a ‘village’, I love gathering with others to share stories, sing songs and grow more deeply into the fullest version of myself so that I can stand in healthy leadership for the future generations. And these things are not separate. Doing what we love doing is the revolution we need. Doing things that support connection – to ourselves, each other and the other-than-humans – where our blueprint’s innate longing is met, where we finally find the feeling of belonging and have our gifts witnessed and honored, is a huge offering to the earth community. Finding ways to integrate these experiences is the key to what Bringing It Home is all about. I invite you wholeheartedly to join us in this journey round the wheel to find or deepen into the gift you are here to bring.

For all that matters, Rebecca Card