Nature Culture Regeneration Weekend – September 9th-11th 2022

This weekend has sadly now been cancelled and is no longer open for bookings

Do you long to deepen your connections to the world around you, exploring the precious mysteries and stories of life all around, awakening your curiosity and wonder…

How can we create a culture that supports that deep nature connection for ourselves, our friends and our families? Can we re-awaken the ‘village’ to help us to recognise and unlock our gifts, and our appreciation of nature, ourselves and each other?

In this experiential, connective weekend, we gently introduce the wisdom of the 8 Shields – a powerful model of nature connection and culture creation, that is inspired by the principles and practices observed in healthy, earth-based cultures around the world.

There are programs for adults and children:

‘The Village‘ is for adult participants. Through embodying many regenerative, nature-based practices, participants will journey through the 8 Shields cycle and explore how we can re-member ‘the village’ and how we can live in Wholeness with ourselves, the communities we are part of, and the global community of all species.

Woodlanders‘ is for children aged 5-11ish, with an adult guardian present at the weekend, either staffing or as a participant on ‘The Village’. Woodlanders will play, learn, craft, experience, connect, and feel the regenerative village and wild world around them.

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The weekend is convened and facilitated by Peter Cow alongside a full ‘acorn’ team of inspiring cultural healing and nature connection facilitators.

~ Weekend Details ~

The venue is a rewilding woodland project near Moretonhampstead, on Dartmoor, Devon. It has lots of space for camping or parking for camper vans. All meals are provided during the weekend, cooked over a roaring open fire.


  • Adults standard rate – £240
  • Adults supporting rate – £270
  • Adults supported rate – £210
  • Children – £110

Timings – Participants arrive from 4pm on Friday for a 5.30pm start, and the programs finish at 4pm on Sunday.

“The group were so utterly welcoming and understanding, there was a real kindness and openness to me as a newcomer. The group holds a knowledge, acceptance and honouring of all that life brings – pain and joy, laughter and tears, excitement and boredom and a sense that all of that is valued, necessary and part of the whole. The bravery I saw there in honouring the wholeness of life was breath-taking.”

“So much has been thought about, so much considered, a real, old and full system for a whole life! What a laugh, what a fantastic deep and wholesome weekend, life feels fuller and brighter knowing people are out there holding this space,  that this sacred fire is still burning gently. I want more of this in my life!”

“I wish every person, every child had this experience, regularly. Thank you.”

Cameron Joseph Harris