Bringing It Home Free Video Series

We are pleased to share these videos exploring a few of the layers of the 8 Shields map of connection and regenerative culture. They feature some of the guest facilitators from Bringing It Home, telling stories of how the map and its directions and qualities show up and enrich their lives.

We recommend you watch the videos in the order listed, to get a sense of the overall flow round the directions as well.

And please let us know how the videos land with you in the comments box below!

Peter and Sky introduce the Series
Vicky welcomes us into the East Shield
Chris Holland gets excited about the SouthEast Shield
Sky focuses in on the South Shield
Peter relaxes into the SouthWest Shield
Sky gathers us in for the West Shield
Rebecca reflects on the NorthWest Shield
Peter brings in the big picture of the North Shield, from a simple shelter he built on Dartmoor
Rebecca explores the mystery of the North East Shield
Peter and Sky finish off the video series, reveal where they got all the birdsong recordings from, and celebrate the oncoming Springtime, the East of the year.

Interested to find out more about the 8 Shields Map and Bringing It Home?

3 thoughts on “Bringing It Home Free Video Series

  1. I love, and look forward to, these little gems. As well as being inspiring, warming and nourishing, they go deep, gently nudging a little nerve or two. A lovely introduction to you all and insight to the course. Thank you.


  2. Really beautiful gift. Something I can see myself coming back to again and again for inspiration and remembering. Deep gratitude.


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