Sally Ann, Bringing It Home 2021-2022

This course has turned a flickering candle into a roaring fire.

Most importantly, I’ve found my tribe – a group of people who share passion, purpose and concern. Hearing others articulate exactly how I feel has been so joyful, empowering and exciting.

The community we have created feels like a safe space where all of us have shared deeply and, at the end of each weekend, I have felt a loss that our society has come so far from this way of being in community. My mentoring sessions with staff have been powerful and helped me inch forward in a direction of greater connection and more self care. Mentoring has been an incredible skill to learn in a safe space and peer mentoring is starting to feel like an essential ingredient for my life going forward.

Maybe the best bit, is that from the course I take with a me a handful of people who I believe have the potential to serve as lifelong friends, anchors, mentors and mentees.

I love feeling greater connection to, awareness of and appreciation for the seasons and learning how to live into them. Also honouring each time of year for it’s own healing potential.

I feel like I’ve learnt a structure to frame my day on, which prioritises relationships and self care instead of the to do list. 

I’ve learnt skills and strategies I can apply in my daily life, in my relationships with myself: gratitude practice, self motivated playfulness, deep listening, the purposeful use of questions, contract creation, cut and clear, mimicry, body radar, 5 nature questions, the sacred questions.

Bringing It Home has provided me with courage to value and express my own authenticity, vulnerability and needs.