Pamela Oakspring, Bringing it Home 2018-2019

pamela“This course has helped me to become more grounded and deepen my nature connection. As we’ve explored the 8 shields and acorn roles as a village, I have found that their attributes have become more embodied within me, helping me to enhance my connection to all life. 

Exploring the directions has helped me to deepen my relationship with the different qualities of day and night, and how this flow allows wholeness to be cultivated and restored. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to find their place within the global village and find healing through this great work of cultural repair.

Thank you Rebecca, Peter, and all of the guest facilitators for all your gifts and wisdom that you have generously & skilfully shared with us. The land on Dartmoor where the course is held is stunning and it’s wonderful to meet it through different times of the year.”

Pamela Oakspring, Bringing it Home participant 2018-2019