A Winter Renewal Ritual

January Waxing Moon 28th-29th

On-line and at your hearth and fire

As the sun sets early and rises late, the nights are long. The gentle light of the day has a different quality as the sun journeys close to the horizon. This is a special time to look inwards to renew our own light to shine as a being of this Earth. 

Guided by European mythology and ancient rituals, we will connect with our personal soul imagery to ritually rekindle our inner vitality, in service to all of life. 

This weekend will include storytelling, discovering and journeying with the personal images of our soul, tracking our inner landscapes for that which brings us most richly into connection with life, the medicine bundle of sun, moon and fire…all with a powerful personal fire ritual at the centre.

Acknowledging what has been, we ask ourselves powerful questions, preparing ourselves for the coming year of growth. Sparking the light of our imaginations and longings, we seek ways forward to strengthen ourselves, our families, communities and be in reciprocity with the Earth as a whole.


This weekend is centred around an evening fire ritual that you will hold in person where you live. You will need access to somewhere you can make a fire, ideally outside but if that is not possible inside is also workable. If you live in the city and don’t know anywhere you can have a fire outside this could be the ideal opportunity to find out where this may be possible, sitting by a fire outside has shaped human history and is part of our DNA as human beings. When we take time with a fire outside, either alone or with others, there is a deep remembering that happens that is an ally in ritual. Fire is a transforming force at its essence and connects us to deep time, our ancestors and the future generations that will be by its side. If all else fails, a candle inside is an option. If you sign up with a friend we encourage you to do the fire ritual together, two people is the baisc unit of community.

This weekend also includes taking time with the sunrise on Sunday morning.

We will gather on-line from 10am-4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


This Renewal Ritual will be guided by Sky-Maria Buitenhuis in Ireland and Miki Dedijer in Sweden, they will be weaving together their cultures to give an experience of European ceremonies of renewal.


Our intention is to make this ritual very accessible, so we have kept our prices low. We also know how important it is to go through these journeys in community so we are also offering reductions for those of you who join us with a friend (eventbrite fees apply).

Early Bird (ending December 31st) £115

Early Bird sign up with a friend £95 each

Normal price: £145

Sign up with a friend normal price: £125

This ritual gathering may be a stepping stone to the Bringing it Home Immersion for you, if it is we will give you a £100 reduction when you register for Bringing it Home to honour the investment you have already made.