Jack Payne-Cook

Jack’s journey of rewilding started on the edge of Dartmoor. He spent a year working and living at Embercombe, a land-based organisation in Devon inspiring change through empowering leadership, before going on to spend 9 months at the Wilderness Awareness School in the Anake Outdoor School program. This immersion in the 8-shield cultural model at WAS kindled a tinder bundle of love for nature into a real passion for naturalist training and ancestral skills, as well as an embodied understanding of what makes a healthy and vibrant village.

Since his return from the US, Jack has been working with several 8-shields based or influenced organisations in the UK, supporting programs for both children and adults to deeply connect to nature, community and themselves. He is a dedicated mentor of children, accompanying them on connection journeys both in groups and individually.

He loves to move like an animal, eat wild food, dance, clown and dive into all things body movement related. When not supporting people to connect to wild nature he can be found sunning himself on a mossy Boulder, swimming like an otter in a Dartmoor river, or dancing in the street.

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